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Are your goals and desires eluding you?  Do you hit physical and mental roadblocks while trying to focus on important milestones in your life?  Are you even finding day-to-day tasks more difficult to accomplish?  While many spend their time trying to identify the physical, social, and systemic roadblocks to their success, they fail to look inward, at the resistance created within their thinking.

 Dr. Benjamin Perkus, a licensed psychologist and developer of the Aroma Freedom Technique, attributes most impediments to energy, commitment, productivity, and happiness to inner resistance and emotional imbalance.  After studying the emotional benefits of aromatherapy and the benefits of pure, essential oils having the maximum effect on the brain and emotions, Dr. Perkus developed protocols to systematically lessen inner resistance and replace it with a fresh, powerful focus on life goals. 

Dr. Perkus proposes the following questions as a gauge of inner resistance:

“Do you deserve to be happy?

Are you confident you can get what you want in life?

Do you expect good things to happen in your life?

Do you feel loved and appreciated by those around you?

Are you satisfied in your career?

Do you feel financially secure?

Do you enjoy vigor and vitality?”

According to Dr. Perkus, “If you answered “yes” to all of these questions and there was no inner voice raising objections, congratulations! You can put this book down now and go on with your life.”

Dr. Perkus explains that while the clear answer to these questions should be an unqualified, “Yes,” most will hear an inner voice questioning that answer.  Consisting of all the pain, loss, anger, and frustration we have experienced in our lives and that, itself, lives in our subconscious and conscious mind, inner resistance causes us to doubt our worthiness to attain to our most precious dreams and blocks our progress.   Inner resistance is the blockage that Aroma Freedom Techniques can break through, thereby allowing you to experience energy, productivity, commitment, and even happiness, unimagined before applying the Aroma Freedom Techniques.

Aroma Freedom is not counseling, so it is not invasive, forcing you to share your secrets with an interviewer.  You only must identify the intensity of the feelings (between 1 and 10) caused by the experiences you focus on, which need not be shared with the practitioner

According to Dr. Perkus, learning to experience the Aroma Freedom Technique will, “transform and release negative emotions, and place you into a positive, life-affirming attitude.” 

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